Photos: recording in Miami Beach

David Lester at the hotel before heading off to start recording Empathy at the Laundry Room in Miami Beach.

KRAMER considering SMITH’s explanation.

Jean on trombone (no trombone on the album!)

David Lester doing overdubs on the Gibson hollow body, Rat Bastard at the board, KRAMER (texting).

Lunch break in Miami Beach.

Jean in the zone doing overdubs.

Preparing to create feedback on the Gibson SG through the Orange amp

Vocals. Neumann microphone

Jean, KRAMER and his wife Valerie at Mecca Normal’s Radio Active record store show in Fort Lauderdale. It was a good show. A fitting conclusion to our time in Florida.

Mecca Normal show at Radio Active Records in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Jean Smith, KRAMER< David Lester, Rat Bastard, Steve Toth.

Rat and David outside Shorty’s BBQ.

At Shorty’s BBQ where David Lester got the half rack of baby back ribs with chicken and sampled my pulled pork, yet he’s still ominously eyeballing Rat Bastard’s full rack. See Bastard’s left hand? He’s on to Lester’s baby back grab and run scheme.

Jean waiting for pulled pork at Shorty’s Bar-B-Q — last day in Miami, recording is done!

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