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KRAMER’s notes for listening to the mixes

“Please listen to the entire LP as ONE WORK OF ART before you dissect individual tunes for “mix issues”. It’s important to me that you hear the flow of it all first. It does seem to me that what you two do is as much symphonic (the songs being more akin to  “movements” in a symphony than “songs”… small parts of a whole) as it is a collection of individual statements/chapters.

Perhaps I can say this better… I’ll try; this LP, to me, seems to be more like LEAVES OF GRASS (meaning an “epic poem”) than a collection of brief haikus (for lack of a better comparison) with no interconnecting motif. Between the lyrics, the music, the instrumentation, and the SEQUENCE of the individual parts, it just seems to me like a novella with 11 (or 12) chapters, as opposed to a collection of disparate “singles”. Of course each song is a separate THOUGHT, but they are all of the same MIND, and that is what I wanted to convey in the final results. More like a great gig, than like someone sitting down in front of their record player with a stack of singles. ONE WORK.”



Drawing of KRAMER by David Lester.

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