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Run out groove & LP Back Cover

We used to call it “inner groove” writing and I know that one side of our first LP says “We live on Indian land.”

Brett at M’lady’s called it “run out groove” when he reminded me we had that option. I guess we haven’t put an actual LP out since sometime in the 1990s. The last two albums The Family Swan (Kill Rock Stars, 2002) and The Observer (Kill Rock Stars, 2006) were CD only.

Empathy for the Evil LP:

Side A
Made in spontaneously invented economies
Side B
Warning: not a consumer product

To which Brett replies: “the best run out groove messages for the best album with the best cover and easily 2014’s best title”

I like Brett.

Also, the back of the LP is different than the back of the CD.



LP back. Painting by Jean Smith.



DSC5631 800

Photo by Sean Raggett

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Interview with Brett of M’lady’s Records

“Empathy for the Evil” — the new Mecca Normal album — comes out on M’lady’s in September.

From a Sound Stalker interview with M’lady’s Records’ Brett Lyman:

“Money is a mistaken way to organize any creative endeavor, as it’s a spiritual vacuum. Like cocaine. Or buying stocks. Those things have their place in the cosmos, apparently, but they have no place in underground art and writing and culture. So we continue to explore what’s possible with little to no capital. We are not capitalists here at M’lady’s Records, and refuse to own the rights of any of the records we’ve issued. They remain the possessions of the hard working people who made them, full stop.”



March Newsletter

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Friday July 18th, 2014 – Anacortes Unknown Music Series

3-day festival in Anacortes, Washington.
More shows to follow. Portland, Olympia, Seattle.
Any ideas for venues or bands to play with are welcome!

Many of the lyrics are directly out of two unpublished novels by Jean Smith. Both novels
feature paintings by various characters. Jean Smith has reproduced
paintings described in the books.


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