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The new Mecca Normal album (original release date September 30, 2014)
was delayed at the pressing plant until NOW.

FINALLY available!!

Mecca Normal, Empathy for the Evil, CD cover art, M'lady's Records - Copy
“Never before have my novels, my paintings and my song-writing been as closely attuned to each other and to my understanding of human interactions.” – Jean Smith

Most of the songs on this album are directly out of Jean Smith’s two recently-completed novels – including the one that her literary agent is shopping around to large publishers in the USA.

This is the album that includes “Odele’s Bath” – the song that 2014 Giller Prize winner Sean Michaels called “a masterpiece of story and manifesto, a lesson in life.”

This is the album produced by KRAMER – who also plays bass on all songs.

It’s on a few BEST OF 2014 LISTS and there are some decent REVIEWS floating around.

ORDER the CD and LP
through these fine establishments


Light in the Attic Records
in Seattle


Revolver USA
in San Francisco

M’lady’s Records
in Portland


K Records
in Olympia


Dischord Direct
in DC


Rough Trade
in the UK

In Canada, ask your record store to order the album through F.A.B. Distribution.

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Malachi (acoustic)

FREE mp3

Jean Smith vocals, David Lester acoustic guitar, KRAMER on bass and keys. Produced and mixed by KRAMER.

“Malachi” is a stand-alone track from the “Empathy for the Evil” sessions produced and mixed by KRAMER, November, 2012 in Miami Beach with Rat Bastard at the Laundry Room.

The album “Empathy for the Evil” will be released on M’lady’s Records in September, 2014. KRAMER plays bass on all songs with keys and organ throughout.


Poster by David Lester from the Inspired Agitators series about activists and actions that intend to create progressive social change. FREE poster

No Coal 11 by Jean Smith  (16 x 16)

Paintings by Jean Smith from the series “No Coal” protesting the Raven Coal mine on Vancouver Island.

Video by Jean Smith.

Malachi Ritscher (1954-2006) was an anti-war activist who made high quality recordings of musicians — often free jazz and experimental — performing live in Chicago.

After the U.S. invaded Iraq, he became a vocal opponent of the war. Like monks opposing the Vietnam war, his final act of protest was self-immolation.

“If I am required to pay for your barbaric war, I choose not to live in your world. I refuse to finance the mass murder of innocent civilians, who did nothing to threaten our country. I will not participate in your charade — my conscience will not allow me to be a part of your crusade.”

“Malachi” by Jean Smith

And camera goes click as you press record
and you hand the document to the jazz musician
after they perform

And you talk and you listen
and you protest this war

And there is pain and it instigates change
And there is frustration that your voice is not heard
when you protest the war —
with a sign above your head — in words

And your camera goes click as you press record
and the can of gasoline is there on the ground
for this final document – your protest against the war
and some of us understood
you know the history well

And your camera goes click as you press record
and you pour the gasoline
and Malachi you light match
that ends your life
in this final statement
and some of us heard your final words

and Malachi you light match
that ends your life
in this final document – your protest against this war
and some of us understood
and some of us heard

your final word

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