“I shot the footage on a west coast tour in 2012, when we doing rock shows at night and presenting David Lester’s graphic novel The Listener in university classrooms in the daytime. The pool footage was from a motel stop in a very quiet seaside town in southern California just before you head in-land after a long drive down that spectacular coastline. The cabin photos were taken in Dunsmuir at the iconic Cave Springs Motel in northern California, near Mount Shasta. But perhaps I’m talking about the locations to avoid talking about Wasn’t Said, which I wrote at a point when the pain of ending communication was best regarded as a temporary situation, when all I could really do to put it in perspective was to know that one day in the future it would all fade into the past.” – Jean Smith

More about that tour in photos and videos.

Wasn’t Said (lyrics are directly out of Jean Smith’s novel “Obliterating History – a guitar-making mystery, domination & submission in a small town garage”)

Look ahead to the time
when you’ve forgotten all that was said
when you look behind
and it doesn’t matter anymore

Look ahead — it’s hard to want to go there now
that’s where you’re heading
that’s what you’re waiting for
it’s what you’re waiting for
that time, when you’re looking behind you

and none of this will matter
all of this confusion
will be so far in the past
it won’t matter in the now

In the now
that’s still ahead

Looking ahead to when
none of this is gonna matter
how it went
and what was said
and what wasn’t said

To make this void of no communication
no communication
no communication now
there’s nothing now

There’s nothing now
but to look ahead
when none of this will matter
what was and wasn’t said

It wasn’t said

“Between Livermore and Tracy” was the first song we recorded once we set up at the Laundry Room in Miami Beach. Written as it was recorded, Jean played piano to something she’d never heard David play on the guitar. Next, Jean added vocals and then KRAMER completed the piece back in Fort Lauderdale the following week.

PopMatters Q&A and video premiere of “Between Livermore and Tracy” which is where the Altamont Speedway is located and with an album tile like “Empathy for the Evil” you know there’s going to be at least a few Rolling Stones references.

“Art Was the Great Leveler”
The lyrics for “One Man’s Anger” are directly out of Jean Smith’s novel “The Black Dot Museum of Political Art” in which a museum curator discovers the cure for narcissism. Jean Smith is represented by the Carolyn Swayze Literary Agency.

“One Man’s Anger” album version
The lyrics for “One Man’s Anger” are directly out of Jean Smith’s novel “Obliterating History – a guitar-making mystery, domination & submission in a small town garage” (literary fiction). Jean Smith is represented by the Carolyn Swayze Literary Agency.

“One Man’s Anger” live at the Unknown Music Festival in Anacortes, Washington.

Our last show on this short tour was the Unknown Music Festival in Anacortes. It was great to see people we know. Bret and Denise, Phil and Genevieve, Arrington, Mariella and a few others. We didn’t have much of a chance to talk to anyone though.

I was going to video and record (with the Zoom H4n), but we had very little time between sets, so I opted for video only.

With a couple hundred people sitting on the floor, a handful of people on benches along the walls and a few more standing at the very back, I carefully positioned the camera on the end of a table on the side of the hall. It was difficult to figure out where Dave and I would be on stage because the red velvet curtains were still closed, so I went for a wide shot.

During our set I happened to look in the direction of the video camera and noticed that someone had brought a chair over and positioned themselves in front of the camera. Damn. Later that night, back at the motel, I rewound a bit of the video to see if I got anything of use. It seems like the camera must have gotten bumped off-center at some point, but I did manage to get a nice shot of a guy wearing a neck brace. Thank god someone else decided to sit in the static space to the left within the first quarter of the song. You know, after a session of hugging between two other folks.

The guy with the neck brace blocks some of me and all of Dave for the entire set and this seemed like the most hilarious thing in the world at the end of the night, back at the motel with cheese burgers, fries and chocolate shakes in the middle of the night.

I know it’s totally goofy to post this without Dave in the shot, but there’s something about it I like.


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